Pellegrini: Discussion on Rules for Digital World Beginning

Premier Peter Pellegrini delivering speech at OECD Going Digital summit (photo by TASR).

Paris, March 11 (TASR-correspondent) – People’s lives are gradually moving into the digital world, but it isn’t clear yet what rules they will abide by there, TASR learnt on Monday from Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD), who added that this was one of the topics discussed at the OECD digital summit in Paris.

The stage of investments in digital infrastructure is slowly coming to an end, so there’s a need to speak about what system will operate in the world of these technologies. “As it seems that our lives are moving into the digital world, but I’m not sure that we’re clear as to what rules we should follow there. A period of artificial intelligence, algorithms, a huge amount of data is coming,” stressed Pellegrini at a briefing following the OECD Going Digital summit on Monday. He also delivered a speech at the summit, as Slovakia is presiding over the OECD Ministerial Council this year.

According to the premier, in some digitisation parameters Slovakia exceeds the average for OECD countries. “This concerns, for example, the number of people who use the internet to shop; that is, they already operate online. We even have higher participation rates for women in the IT sector than the average for OECD countries, and it’s quite significant,” he said.

Slovakia, however, lags behind in some areas. “In Slovakia, small and medium-sized businesses still lag behind or they somehow aren’t aware of the benefits that digital technologies can bring,” added the prime minister.