Schulz: Parliamentary Chairs Should Discuss Future of EU Post-Brexit

Bratislava Parliamentary Summit (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, October 7 (TASR) – European Parliament (EP) Chairman Martin Schulz said after his arrival to the working part of the Bratislava Parliamentary Summit on Friday that parliamentary chairpersons should discuss the future of the EU post-Brexit.

“Today’s summit is very important. After the Bratislava summit of EU leaders [September 16], it’s important for parliamentary chairpersons to discuss the future of the EU after Britain’s decision to leave the union,” he stated. Schulz should inform his colleagues about the EP’s strategy regarding Brexit.

When asked whether national parliaments should play a more important role in EU decision-making, Schulz said that they already play a key role. National parliaments and the EP complement each other and don’t stand against each other.

The working part of the summit (October 7) will focus on challenges the EU is currently facing. Parliamentary chairpersons should discuss current problems involving European unity and overcoming the distance between the EU and its citizens. They should also touch on the issues of the EU’s internal cohesion and a globally engaged Europe.