Smer: We Won’t Succumb to Do-gooders, We Won’t Accept Refugees

Protests in Chemnitz. (Photo by AP)

Bratislava, August 29 (TASR) – The recent events in Chemnitz, Germany demonstrate that integrating refugees in society is a demanding and long process with rather uncertain results, the main governing party in Slovakia Smer-SD stated on a social network on Wednesday.

“Protests and violence on the streets of this town, in reaction to an incomprehensible and unjustified murderous attack by refugees on a German national, demonstrate that the public is traumatised by what has happened. The Smer-SD party, despite pressure from abroad and from do-gooders, won’t ease up and will always be against the reception of refugees. It’s due to our caution that people in Slovakia aren’t being confronted with similar events themselves,” stated Smer-SD.

A German national of German-Cuban origin was stabbed to death and two other people were seriously injured, purportedly by immigrants from Syria and Iraq, after a public festival in Chemnitz last Sunday. The attack led to public protests in Chemnitz, resulting in violence between far-right and far-left groups. The German Government denounced the protests as displays of an unacceptable pursuit of “vigilantism” and “intolerance and racism”.