Galko Not Running for SaS Chair Post, Sulik Won't Have Rival

Galko Not Running for SaS Chair Post, Sulik Won't Have Rival

Bratislava, June 2 (TASR) – Vice-chair of the strongest Opposition party Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) Lubomir Galko won’t run for the party chair post at the June extraordinary summit after all, according to a press release provided by Galko to TASR on Thursday.

Galko stated that his potential candidacy would be pointless in light of recent events. Current party leader Richard Sulik should have no rivals, therefore.

“With regards to Jozef Mihal’s candidacy withdrawal and Richard Sulik’s public declaration that SaS will remain a rightist liberal party under his leadership, my candidacy is pointless at the moment and in this election for the post of SaS chairman,” said Galko.

SaS vice-chair Mihal announced his intention to run for the post of SaS chair in April. At that time he expressed his conviction that a contest would be a useful thing and that his candidacy could force Sulik to think certain things over a bit more. Galko didn’t rule out his candidacy at that time, either.

Originally, a congress featuring a leadership election should have taken place in 2017. However, in mid-May Sulik made a statement that he was convening a special congress for June 11, 2016, during which he would resign from his post but would stand for re-election. “The reason isn’t division in the party, but a detrimental discussion in the media that is damaging the party,” said Sulik at the time. Sulik pointed to the fact that a similar discussion concerning the party leadership also arose following the unsuccessful general election in 2012.

Four days later Mihal changed his mind and withdrew his candidacy. “I’m hereby making an official announcement that I won’t run for this post either at a special, or at any other party congress. SaS isn’t splitting up, I’m not considering quitting the party, I remain an SaS MP, vice-chair and member of the National Council,” said Mihal, who made the decision following a meeting with Sulik. “We’ve found a common language. We’ve made a lot of things clear, and we’ve come to an agreement. We both understand that our rival is Smer. We both want SaS ready to take over responsibility for Slovakia following the next election,” added Sulik.