Glvac: Slovakia Has No Better Alternative to Current Cabinet

Glvac: Slovakia Has No Better Alternative to Current Cabinet

Bratislava, January 4 (TASR) – There is no, let alone a better, alternative to the current Government, which is partly borne out by the statements of Parliamentary Vice-chair Lucia Duris-Nicholsonova (Opposition Freedom and Solidarity/SaS party), said fellow Parliamentary Vice-chair Martin Glvac (Smer-SD) on Wednesday.

“According to her [Duris-Nicholsonova’s] statement, nobody in Slovakia tops her and SaS. Her statement that she can’t see a coalition partner for SaS sounds incredibly conceited,” said Glvac, claiming that SaS is unable to assume responsibility for leading the country.

The ability to lead a country requires cooperation – as opposed to holding everybody and their brother in scorn. “Mrs. Nicholsonova has demonstrated profound ignorance and an uppity manner. Mrs. Nicholsonova’s statement shows that SaS hasn’t got a shred of humility despite its scandals. Cooperation is instrumental for promoting the objectives of political programmes,” said Glvac.

Glvac further believes that Duris-Nicholsonova’s behaviour mirrors that of her party chief and MEP Richard Sulik, as “destroying and dividing” is all that both of them can do. “This is best evidenced by SaS’s sorry results in seven years in politics – the eavesdropping of journalists and the bringing down of Iveta Radicova’s government [2010-12],” he added.

Duris-Nicholsonova’s utterances are also lamentable with respect to her fellow parliamentary vice-chairs, said Glvac. “I personally believed that our relations were fair, so I was astonished by her false pretences. We accommodated several requests of hers with respect to her pregnancy and balancing her maternal duties with her work in Parliament. The critical diatribes against me and my colleagues are but a testament to [Duris-Nicholsonova’s] insidious ways,” said Glvac.

He went on to dismiss as mendacious Duris-Nicholsonova’s claims that the coalition sought to have her ousted but refrained from doing so out of fear.