Government to Adopt Its Manifesto on Wednesday

Government to Adopt Its Manifesto on Wednesday

Bratislava, April 13 (TASR) – The new Cabinet should adopt the Government Manifesto at its session on Wednesday.

At its first meeting on March 30 the Government obliged Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) to submit the Manifesto by April 13. The definitive wording should be published later on the same day.

The Government’s programme priorities served as outlines when drawing up the Manifesto. Individual ministers presented proposals for respective departments following talks with trade unions and employers.

After approving the Manifesto the Cabinet will present the document to Parliament and ask for a vote of confidence at a parliamentary session due to begin on April 19. According to the Constitution, the Government is obliged to do this within 30 days of being appointed. President Andrej Kiska installed Robert Fico’s new Cabinet, comprised of Smer-SD, the Slovak National Party (SNS), Most-Hid and Siet (Network), on March 23.

A couple of personnel issues are also on the agenda of Wednesday’s Government session. The Government will recall state secretaries at the Health and Finance Ministries and appoint their successors.

The public will also learn the name of the new proxy for national minorities. Laszlo Bukovszky is set to be appointed to this post, which has been vacant since late June 2013 when then proxy Laszlo Nagy resigned.