Heger: EU Summit Brought Good Results in Terms of Reducing Energy Prices

Heger: EU Summit Brought Good Results in Terms of Reducing Energy Prices

Brussels, October 21 (TASR-correspondent) - From the point of view of the energy debates, the conclusions of the summit in Brussels are successful for Slovakia, Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) stated on Friday following the EU summit.

Heger pointed out that the discussions on the energy crisis ended with several successful conclusions from Slovakia’s point of view.

The Slovak premier praised the agreement on the joint purchase of gas, which concerns the next and the following winters. “It’ll bring better conditions to countries like Slovakia than we could get by ourselves,” he noted.

Heger considers the second important point in this area to be the political agreement on price bands for gas during this winter, which is to be specified in the form of a correction mechanism against price fluctuations next week at the meeting of energy ministers in cooperation with the European Commission.

“These price bands are supposed to bring greater price stability, that is to prevent fluctuations in prices and at the same time gradually push the gas price down,” he added.
The prime minister also considers to be important the fact that, after the European Commission, the European Council, that is the top political leaders of the EU countries, on Thursday approved the use of unused EU funds. These are intended to help households or companies manage the negative effects of the current energy crisis. He also expressed the hope that the European Parliament will also approve this possibility.

“If this happens, Slovakia will be ready for the next heating season. We have also secured contracts for gas supplies and filled storage tanks,” he said.