Heger: European Countries Must Help Each Other If They Are to Succeed

Heger: European Countries Must Help Each Other If They Are to Succeed

Strbske Pleso, October 8 (TASR) – European countries must help each other if they are to succeed, Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) said in a panel discussion held as a part of the two-day Tatra Summit on Friday.

The GLOBSEC 2021 Tatra Summit started at Strbska Pleso in the High Tatra mountains on Friday, with the main theme of the event being Europe’s economic recovery in a time of crisis.

“We’re facing many challenges. Not problems, but challenges,” said Heger in his speech, adding he views the current situation as a great opportunity. “As the prime minister at this turbulent time, I am still waiting for the day when we will have better news than before,” said Heger. He hopes that the current energy crisis will be shorter than the coronavirus crisis.

According to the premier, the crisis over the past 1.5 years showed that crises are manageable. “Before the crisis we were still talking about integration,” said Heger regarding the pre-pandemic situation in Europe. The crisis accelerated many things in Europe and cooperation between countries is suddenly easier, stated Heger.

“We must help each other and this is a great opportunity,” said the premier, adding that the cooperation between countries can make Europe stronger. The difference between opportunity and success lies in hard work, he said. “If we want to succeed, we must cooperate,” stated Heger, adding that countries must go higher and inspire each other. “I’ve seen it last year. We watched country by country what they were doing,” noted the Slovak premier, adding that if a good solution was found, Slovakia strove to implement it as well. As an example he gave short-time work, describing this measure as a pillar of aid to companies.