Heger Rejects Conspiracy Theories and Intimidation, Law Enforcement Free to Act

Heger Rejects Conspiracy Theories and Intimidation, Law Enforcement Free to Act

Bratislava, June 3 (TASR) – Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) rejects any conspiracy theories floated over the detaining of Internal Affairs Inspectorate head Adrian Szabo or intimidation of the law enforcement authorities by the opposition.

Heger underlined that the law enforcement bodies’ hands are untied and it’s necessary to let them do their job.

“Those engaging in intimidation are people driven by fear. It makes us question why they do so. After all, we bore witness to what they had been doing for all those years,” said Heger, who is not concerned about any no-confidence motion in Parliament.

Earlier in the day, opposition Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini called on Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) to resign and declared readiness to initiate a no-confidence motion in Heger. In Pellegrini’s view, the Government has lost control over the police.

A similar sentiment was echoed by Smer-SD chair Robert Fico, who wants to initiate an extraordinary parliamentary session to cast a no-confidence motion against Mikulec. Fico interprets Szabo’s arrest as an attempt to silence the Internal Affairs Inspectorate, which is investigating suspicions stemming from the leaked Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) report. Fico reads it as practices of organised crime targeting the opposition and the people.

“How is the common person supposed to feel in such a situation and trust bodies that should protect him or her? This Government had a single task and that was to restore trust in the state,” commented head of non-parliamentary Progressive Slovakia Irena Bihariova on the arrest of Szabo. She believes that the Prime Minister should bear his share of responsibility.