Interior Minister Mikulec Survives House No-confidence Vote

Interior Minister Mikulec Survives House No-confidence Vote

Bratislava, June 16 (TASR) – Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) will remain in his post, as Parliament didn’t oust him in a no-confidence motion held at an extraordinary session on Wednesday.

Mikulec received support from 72 lawmakers out of 135 present, with 53 MPs voting for his ouster and 10 abstaining. ‘We Are Family’ MPs Peter Pcolinsky and Adriana Pcolinska didn’t vote.

The extraordinary session was initiated by opposition’s Smer-SD over suspicions that a group of people from law enforcement has been influencing investigations into several active high-stakes corruption cases by intentionally looking for plea-bargain seekers who would be willing to cooperate and provide “universal” testimonies against certain people so that criminal proceedings can be launched against them.

These suspicions allegedly stem from a Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) report that was read out in Parliament behind closed doors in May.

The debate on the ouster lasted two days, with more than 20 speakers addressing the House, including a number of ministers, the Prime Minister and Mikulec himself.