Interior Ministry's Anna Bilecova Offering to Take Lie Detector Test

Interior Ministry's Anna Bilecova Offering to Take Lie Detector Test

Bratislava, April 22 (TASR) – Interior Ministry’s chief of staff Anna Bilecova proposed to ministry’s state secretary Lukas Kyselica that she can take a lie detector test in the face of allegations suggesting her involvement in a tax fraud scheme, TASR learnt from ministry spokesperson Barbara Turosova on Wednesday.

Bilecova’s proposal comes as a response to a report by the SME daily, which mentions her links to the VAT carousel fraud case. According to the ministry, Bilecova at her own initiative offered to take the lie detector test to dispel “all doubts and speculations”. “It’s of paramount importance to her, particularly with respect to the [anti-corruption] priorities of this Government, to have the confidence of the Interior Ministry leadership as well as broad public,” claimed the spokesperson.

Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) welcomes the initiative by Bilecova and finds her pledge to take the lie detector test good enough for the moment. “I’d be glad if we approached such affairs constructively and give the person in question a chance to defend herself. Regarding this particular case, at this stage, the assurances offered by the chief of staff and her pledge to take the lie detector test are good enough for me,” said Mikulec. He added that if allegations against Bilecova are proven true, he will take action to make sure that “such things won’t ever occur again”.

The Interior Minister drew parallels between Bilecova’s predicament and his own experiences of the past, when back as a former head of military intelligence he was indicted with the leaking of confidential information after drawing attention to instances of malfeasance and corruption within the intelligence service. Mikulec’s subsequent prosecution lasted for several years until Bratislava Regional Court finally absolved him in September 2019.

“Eight years ago, indictment with eleven crimes was delivered to me. Many individuals were pointing fingers at me and collecting information on me from various databases, many of which were fabricated, as was established, seven years later, also by the court,” claimed Mikulec.

The SME reported on Bilecova’s ties to Ladislav P., who faced multiple criminal prosecutions, at the time when Bilecova served as the head of tax audit at Michalovce tax authority (Kosice region). Transcripts of wiretapped conversations between Ladislav P. and Bilecova are listed within the investigation file on the carousel fraud series, in which more than 100 companies were involved between 2007-11, causing the state the loss of more than €70 million. Milan Ch., a defendant in the case who chose to cooperate with the authorities, told Czech police about bribes that were allegedly taken by Bilecova in return for the audits turning a blind eye to the scheme. Bilecova rejects the allegations, with state secretary Kyselica voicing his support for her as well.