Kollar Convenes Extraordinary Session over Not Debated Bills for Monday

Kollar Convenes Extraordinary Session over Not Debated Bills for Monday
Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 26 (TASR) - An extraordinary meeting of Parliament on bills that weren't discussed at the May session will be held on Monday, May 29, Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar's (We Are Family) spokeswoman Michaela Jurcova told TASR on Friday, adding that the meeting was convened at the suggestion of MPs from the 'OLANO and Friends' caucus.

SaS refuses to participate in populist and senseless proposals that destroy public finances, increase taxes and tell others how to live. "OLANO MPs can campaign on the ban on abortions, the ban on porn, or closed shops on Sundays by themselves, at their party's headquarters, without burdening us and the public," Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) vice-chair Branislav Groehling told TASR.

'For the People' leader and MP Veronika Remisova supports the deliberations. "MPs of SaS, 'We Are Family', PS [Progressive Slovakia], Democrats, together with the opposition, voted for a vacation instead of regular work, which we consider disrespectful to the people. Finding excuses that there are bills in Parliament that they don't agree with, and therefore it's better if they take free time, is a denial of the principle of parliamentary democracy," she told TASR, pointing out that many of the drafts were related to the anti-corruption area, for example, amending Paragraph 363 of the Penal Code or proving the origin of property.

Independent MPs from the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party stated that the "collapse" of the May parliamentary session was the result of the chaos of the former governing coalition. "Before the election, it 'fooled' people with their so-called priorities, which they suddenly became interested in four months before the election," noted the MPs.