Kollar: We Are Family Won't Have Anything to Do with Announced Working Group

Kollar: We Are Family Won't Have Anything to Do with Announced Working Group

Bratislava, September 17 (TASR) – We Are Family head Boris Kollar announced on Friday that his party won’t take part in setting up and attending sessions of a working group that is supposed to restore the public’s trust in the rule of law.

Kollar claimed that We Are Family won’t support the creation of “a second mafia”.

In this regard, Kollar called on his coalition partners to return to keeping the promises they made to the public. He also criticised the coalition for postponing an agenda concerning the construction of state rental flats in Parliament.

“We won’t take part in this, we won’t make any proposals for the group. We aren’t going to vote for such a thing,” said Kollar, adding that newly appearing charges concerning law enforcement officers have crossed all boundaries.

Kollar explained in this regard that he doesn’t want “one mafia to be replaced by another”. In his opinion, the coalition needs to focus on battling “the Fico mafia”, which “privatised justice” in the country for itself.

On this note, Kollar claimed that he and We Are Family will support law and justice. “But we won’t purposefully amend the law just because we don’t like a certain decision,” he said, referring to the coalition’s aim to amend paragraph 363 of the Penal Code.

As for the postponed agenda concerning state rental flats, Kollar reproached his coalition partners for this, remarking that “this what we promised people, not that we’d arrest anyone without any evidence”. In addition, Kollar asked the coalition why it hasn’t set up a working group to tackle the issue of increasing household energy charges when it’s creating a group to restore public trust in the rule of law.