Korcok and Nad Commemorated Diplomat Stefan Osusky in Washington

Korcok and Nad Commemorated Diplomat Stefan Osusky in Washington

Washington, February 3 (TASR) – Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok (a Freedom and Solidarity/SaS nominee) honoured the memory of prominent Slovak diplomat Stefan Osusky (1889-1973) in Washington on Wednesday (February 2), TASR has learnt from the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Korcok together with Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad laid flowers on Osusky’s grave at the Oak Hill cemetery in Washington.

“For me, Stefan Osusky is a role model of a diplomat who worked hard and intelligently promoted the interests of his country abroad,” stated Korcok. “Osusky understood the importance of relations with the Western allies for the establishment and maintenance of a free, independent and democratic country in Central Europe, and managed to develop and use them in an effective manner,” added Korcok.

Stefan Osusky, as a co-author of the Cleveland Agreement, helped to shape the American concept of the post-war arrangement of Europe and, together with other compatriots in the USA, helped to fulfil the right of Slovaks and Czechs to self-determination. Subsequently, he sought to build a reputation for the young country as the Slovak ambassador in London and Paris. He, together with then foreign affairs minister Edvard Benes, took part in the diplomatic negotiations in Paris that resulted in signing of the Treaty of Trianon.

The ministers commemorated Osusky during their working trip to Washington, during which they are set to sign agreements deepening cooperation with the USA in the area of defence and development aid.