Korcok: Slovakia Supports Political Reform of NATO

Korcok: Slovakia Supports Political Reform of NATO

Brussels/Bratislava, December 7 (TASR-correspondent) – Slovakia is in favour of a politically-united NATO with high level of military readiness, capable of facing security threats and challenges of the new decade, chief of Slovak diplomacy Ivan Korcok stated after meeting NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on Monday.

Korcok voiced his support to the project of NATO’s political reform, unveiled to all diplomats from NATO member states last week.

It was the adaptation of NATO to new challenges and realities – a process dubbed ‘NATO 2030’ – that was the fulcrum of the talks between Stoltenberg and Korcok.

In Korcok’s view, the reform process is aimed to bolster the alliance’s political and military aspects and strengthen its role as an actor with a global outreach and functional partnerships with like-minded countries and organisations.

“An expert-group report confirms the indispensable role of NATO in the protection of Europe’s and North America’s security and, most importantly, of our democratic way of life. It’s of particular and cardinal importance to us because NATO is the fundamental, key foundation of Slovakia’s security,” said Korcok.

Korcok pointed out that the NATO Secretary-General praised Slovakia’s existing contributions to the collective defence and NATO’s operations around the world, accentuating in particular the “irreplaceable work” put in by Slovak troops in Latvia, Afghanistan and Iraq.