Krajci: Slovak Hospitals Can Apply for €48 mn from EU Funds

Krajci: Slovak Hospitals Can Apply for €48 mn from EU Funds

Bratislava, August 28 (TASR) – Slovak hospitals can apply for €48 million from the European Regional Development Fund, Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) told a news conference on Friday.

The money is intended for 49 economic-mobilisation entities that were engaged in the front line of the fight against coronavirus. Hospitals have until the end of the year to submit their applications. Further calls for other relevant entities will be announced during September.

“By announcing these calls, the Health Ministry is following up a series of measures aimed at mitigating the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on the health-care sector,” said Krajci, adding that the first call was announced by the ministry on its website on Thursday (August 27) and that others will follow.

The first call is aimed at projects that will mitigate the impacts of the outbreak in hospitals that during the first wave were most responsible for the fact that Slovakia “managed the outbreak as well as it did”.

These hospitals will be able to draw the money to purchase equipment, to engage in prevention and to diagnose and treat people suspected of having coronavirus. They will only have to meet the condition of drawing up a project for building mobile sampling points. Several of them have already set these up, however, said Krajci.