Lubos Machaj Will Be New RTVS Chief

Lubos Machaj Will Be New RTVS Chief

Bratislava, June 30 (TASR) – Lubos Machaj will be a new general director of public-service broadcaster RTVS after Parliament elected him to the post in the second round on Thursday.

Machaj was backed by 89 MPs from 122 present in the vote, while 12 were against and 21 MPs refrained from voting. Parliament was choosing the RTVS general director between Machaj and current RTVS chief Jaroslav Reznik. Reznik was supported in the vote by 29 MPs, while 49 were against and 44 refrained from voting.

Machaj will be at the helm of RTVS for the next five years. Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (We Are Family) announced that his term in office will start on August 2.

Machaj held several managerial posts in RTVS in the past, he was a program director of television and radio.

Eight candidates originally ran for the post of the RTVS general director. Daniel Zivica gave up his candidacy before the election. Parliament was choosing from seven candidates on Wednesday (June 29). In addition to Machaj and Reznik, these were Tibor Buza, Peter Janku, Vladimir Seman, Peter Badac and Ivan Golian. Machaj and Reznik made it to Thursday’s second round of the election.