Lucansky Vexed That Vadala's Phone Wasn't Properly Analysed in 2018

Lucansky Vexed That Vadala's Phone Wasn't Properly Analysed in 2018

Bratislava, May 14 (TASR) – Police Corps President Milan Lucansky has expressed his dismay at the fact that an elite police team didn’t properly analyse the mobile phone of Italian drug-trafficker Antonino Vadala when it seized the device in 2018 shortly after the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, the police reported on Facebook on Thursday, adding that Lucansky has ordered the Police Corps Presidium to look into whether any misconduct took place back then.

“It means that in 2020 we can’t really tell what this package of data that hasn’t been analysed contains,” stated Lucansky. According to him, “an immense” amount of data wasn’t subjected to analysis. Currently, a Slovak investigator is communicating with the Italians regarding the matter and is said to be processing information.

Lucansky went on to criticise the current investigator, who, according to the police chief, hasn’t assessed the situation properly and hasn’t requested help in processing the said data. “That’s why we’ll give him personnel help, and this will lead us to all the communications between Vadala and [former Government Office assistant Maria] Troskova,” he said.

Several Slovak media on Tuesday published chats between Vadala and Troskova, who complained to the shady entrepreneur that she couldn’t find a proper job because the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) had registered her as Vadala’s strawwoman. Vadala also asked Troskova about obtaining jobs at customs offices in eastern Slovakia.

Vadala has been convicted of trafficking cocaine in Italy in the meantime. Troskova worked as former prime minister Robert Fico’s (Smer-SD) assistant. Fico denies any connections with Vadala, stating that he’s never met or spoken to him.