Majersky: Currently It Seems That KDH Will Join Opposition in Parliament

Majersky: Currently It Seems That KDH Will Join Opposition in Parliament
KDH head Milan Majersky (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, October 3 (TASR) - At the moment it looks like the Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) will join the opposition in parliament, party head Milan Majersky told the media following his meeting with President Zuzana Caputova on Tuesday.

According to Majersky, the KDH leadership supports the decision not to join a government including Smer-SD. He explained that his talks with other elected parties will define frameworks that he will present to the KDH national council - the party's supreme body, which has 120 members and decides on KDH's post-election cooperation. The council will meet on October 14. The KDH chair noted in this vein that he isn't of the opinion that it will be held too late, as KDH hasn't received an invitation to talks from election winner Smer-SD anyway.

"We're ready to do as much as possible for Slovakia so that there will not have to be a repeat election, even though at the moment it seems to us that KDH is heading into the opposition," Majersky told the media.

As for a coalition of KDH, Progressive Slovakia, Voice-SD, and Freedom and Solidarity, Majersky opined that there are "abysmal" differences between the parties, but KDH would be willing to hold talks on a "large-scale compromise". "It's not easy for us to imagine being part of a liberal-progressive government because we don't want to throw away half of the election programme with which we won our constituency," he added. According to Majersky, the four-way coalition could fail if the liberals don't give in to the conservatives' conditions.