Matovic: Caputova Should Withdraw Her Candidacy

Matovic: Caputova Should Withdraw Her Candidacy

Bratislava, February 13 (TASR) – Head of Ordinary People (OLaNO) Igor Matovic has implied that presidential candidate Zuzana Caputova should withdraw her candidacy, referring to the results of the poll carried out by the Focus agency on behalf of OLaNO.

The poll showed that while Maros Sefcovic would win the presidential election with 20.1 percent, followed by Robert Mistrik with 17.1 percent on the second place, Caputova would end up third with 14.4 percent. Caputova announced on Wednesday that for now she isn’t withdrawing her candidacy.

Caputova, Mistrik and Matovic came to an agreement in January that before the first round of presidential elections takes place the candidate with less support according to opinion polls would support the other.

OLaNO did a mock up of several scenarios. According to the results, a democratic candidate would win if it were Robert Mistrik facing Maros Sefcovic in the second round. If Sefcovic faced Caputova, she would be defeated.

“I supported that Caputova get space but these are real results and we have to face the reality. Sefcovic would beat Caputova but Mistrik has what it takes to defeat Sefcovic,” stated Matovic at a press conference.

Matovic also noted that there’s a great real threat that Sefcovic could face Stefan Harabin in the second round.