Matovic: Carbon Tariffs Could Help Making EU's Economy Greener

Matovic: Carbon Tariffs Could Help Making EU's Economy Greener

Brussels/Bratislava, October 16 (TASR) – Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) said after returning from the EU summit in Brussels on Friday that he had expected to see at the meeting a more accurate analysis of the Union’s climate strategy on economy.

“The goal of reducing greenhouse emissions by 55 percent by 2030 wasn’t challenged by anyone, but I had expected clearer reports on effects of this initiative,” said Matovic.

The Slovak prime minister stressed that he agrees with the introduction of tariffs for goods produced outside the EU under more relaxed environmental standards.

“We could acquire funds from carbon tariffs to make our economy more ecological,” said Matovic. He added that he hopes that the EU will produce clearer guidelines for dealing with economic effects of this initiative by the December summit, which is expected to approve specific cuts in carbon-dioxide emissions for the next decade. According to Matovic, the EU mustn’t allow in the process the imports of less environmentally friendly products from outside, such as dumping steel from China, as this would harm Europe’s economy.

Matovic reported that on the sidelines of the summit he held bilateral talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and he also attended a summit of the European People’s Party (EPP) on the invitation of its chairman Donald Tusk. Matovic reportedly told Tusk that OLaNO would be interested in joining EPP.