TASR Releases ‘Heirloom’ Photo Set of Slovakia’s Wonders

The Starina water reservoir in north-eastern Slovakia. (Photo by TASR/Michal Svítok)

Bratislava, December 21 (TASR) – Slovakia’s natural treasures, but also the work of human hands have been included in a unique photo set created by The News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) entitled ‘Heirloom’.

The series is also devoted to bird’s eye views of towns, buildings and transport infrastructure. The series of 30 reports further includes photos of the wonders of nature, fields and pastures taken from the air.

The database of more than 200 photos contains, inter alia, views of roads, including those under construction, near Bratislava, Zilina and Nitra, as well as intriguing tourist locations, among them Morske oko [Sea’s Eye] in the Vihorlat mountains in eastern Slovakia, the Sunny Lakes in Senec (Bratislava region), the National Stud Farm in Topolcianky (Nitra region) and the new Jaguar Land Rover plant in Nitra.

“We managed to take pictures of interesting locations where the borders of three countries – Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine – meet. Apart from Poloniny National Park, we also captured Starina water reservoir and Slovakia’s easternmost village of Nova Sedlica. We even had to land for some moments, as taking photos in border areas is subject to special regulations, and it’s necessary to have a flight permit,” said TASR Photo Desk head Michal Svitok, who took the pictures.

The five-part series contains a total of 120 photoreports and almost 900 pictures taken from an ultra-light aircraft across Slovakia in September and October. Svitok and the pilot spent around 16 hours on board the Skyper GT9 aircraft.