TASR to Provide Pictures of All First World War Memorials in Slovakia

TASR general director Vladimir Puchala. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 15 (TASR) – With the centenary of the end of the First World War, the News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) is launching a unique project in cooperation with photographer Zdenko Dzurjanin, who will take pictures of all the Great War memorials in Slovakia, TASR general director Vladimir Puchala said on Friday.

“We’ve launched a massive project, unparalleled in the history of the news agency. There are thousands of such monuments in Slovakia, in almost every village. Apart from taking pictures, we’re thus also creating a database, which doesn’t exist in such a form in Slovakia at the moment. We’ll be presenting selections from these collections to our customers in the photo-service as of January. This will include an interactive website with the localisation of individual photographs, GPS coordinates of each memorial and a search for the names inscribed on the memorials,” said Puchala.

Dzurjanin recently gained attention by taking photos of all the churches in Slovakia. In the meantime he also began taking pictures of First World War memorials.

“Having taken pictures of all the churches, I realised that I’ve thus contributed to the preservation of cultural heritage. I have a similar goal with the memorials. I’m happy that TASR has approached me with an offer to cooperate in this project. I appreciate this trust and I believe that a result of similar quality as with the churches will emerge,” said Dzurjanin.