MEP Uhrik and Several MPs Leaving LSNS after Kotleba Boosts Own Power

MEP Uhrik and Several MPs Leaving LSNS after Kotleba Boosts Own Power

Bratislava, January 26 (TASR) – MEP Milan Uhrik and MPs Milan Mazurek, Ondrej Durica, Miroslav Suja, Eduard Kocis and Miroslav Urban are leaving the far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) because party leader Marian Kotleba has concentrated more power in his own hands, TASR learnt from Uhrik on Tuesday.

“Following the passing of new statutes, party members definitely lost the opportunity to have any say in decisions concerning substantial issues about the working and direction of our party,” said Uhrik.

According to him, Kotleba’s quest to concentrate more power in his own hands was also approved by part of the membership base.

“I have to respect this decision to change what was originally a people’s party into a one-man party, but as an advocate of teamwork, I simply can’t identify with it,” said Uhrik.
Uhrik thanked Kotleba for his cooperation and the opportunities that he received in politics as part of LSNS. “However, our common journey is ending, as our opinions on the working and direction of the party in the future differ too much. Instead of stirring up internal disputes and conflicts, I consider it more appropriate and decent to go my own way,” added Uhrik.

LSNS had a 14-member caucus in the Slovak Parliament, which has a total of 150 MPs. Durica told TASR that all the aforementioned MPs are also leaving the caucus, leaving it with only nine members from now on. At least eight members are necessary for a caucus to exist.

None of those leaving LSNS wanted to comment on their political futures.