Mikas: Many Hospitals Heading for Collapse, Health Offices Also Under Pressure

Mikas: Many Hospitals Heading for Collapse, Health Offices Also Under Pressure

Bratislava, December 21 (TASR) – Hospitals and health-care professionals are currently experiencing the biggest pressure they’ve faced since the novel coronavirus pandemic began, and the prospects don’t look good at all, Slovakia’s Chief Hygienist Jan Mikas wrote in an open letter before the Christmas holidays, adding that many hospitals are already heading for collapse.

Regional public health offices (RUVZ), which have been tirelessly tracing the contacts of people tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic, are also under great pressure.
“I wholeheartedly wish that we could immediately be relieved of the set measures and ubiquitous orders and prohibitions that we’ve put in place in a sincere effort to protect you from the tragic consequences of the spreading COVID-19 disease,” said Mikas, adding that circumstances don’t allow for such a luxury, however.

“Even if there isn’t a single new case of the disease in the next few days, our doctors, nurses and other medical staff won’t feel it for weeks,” wrote Mikas, pointing out that the endless dedication of health-care professionals and epidemiologists, their exhaustion, frustration and often tears of despair or anger are real. That’s why Mikas is asking people to do everything in their power to ensure that conditions are in place for saving human lives.

Mikas stated that the public should accept that the Christmas holidays, which are usually associated with abundance and a joyful atmosphere in a wide circle of family, friends and acquaintances, will be much more modest this year. “Not because of the curfew, not because of the measures in decrees, not because of checks in border areas and in establishments, or because of the threat of sanctions. It is because we care about our loved ones and the communities in which we love to spend our free time,” he said.

The chief hygienist stressed that people should respect the rules set and not make use of exemptions without good reason.