Mikas: Slovakia Has Hope for Improvement in Epidemiological Situation

Mikas: Slovakia Has Hope for Improvement in Epidemiological Situation

Bratislava, March 30 (TASR) – Slovakia can hope for an improvement in the epidemiological situation regarding coronavirus, Slovakia’s chief hygienist Jan Mikas stated in an open letter on Tuesday, adding that much depends on people’s behaviour during the upcoming Easter holiday.

Mikas pointed to the fact that one year of the pandemic has affected the whole of society and that originally short-term measures have become a part of people’s lives for a longer period. According to the chief hygienist, the past few months were very difficult, as hospitals were filled with COVID-19 patients and thousands of families lost their loved ones. “We found ourselves in exactly the situation that we rightly feared,” he stated.

However, the latest statistics give Slovakia reason for cautious optimism. “It turns out that we have a chance for a change for the better. It’s encouraging for us after a long and difficult period. We must stick together now and be disciplined in order to confirm the positive trend,” stated Mikas.

Mikas understands that it will be difficult to give up meetings with family and friends, joint celebrations of faith and Easter traditions. “Nevertheless, we must do it. After Christmas, we all saw how much we can pay for a few careless days. Let’s not allow this to be repeated,” he stressed.

The chief hygienist called on people to protect themselves from infection at a critical moment and not to spread it among their loved ones. He emphasised that it is discipline that will lead to an improvement in the situation, thanks to which children will be able to return to school and it will be possible to ease the measures gradually.