Multi-National NATO Units Being Trained at Lest in Slovakia

Multi-National NATO Units Being Trained at Lest in Slovakia

Lest, April 30 (TASR) – Military training of the NATO multi-national unit in Slovakia is continuing at the Lest training centre.

The participants include Czech soldiers and Czech ambassador to Slovakia Lieutenant General Tomas Tuhy. He commented that the Czech Republic is not commanding international units for the first time.

“More units will come and we’ll prepare for the present situation in Europe,” he told journalists, adding that he regards this training as one of the keys to harmonising the procedures of the various armed forces. “We’ve adopted measures that are essential for the defence of our countries, and give a clear signal that we don’t want to under-estimate the situation,” he said in reply to a question about whether Russia may regard the presence of Czech troops in Slovaks as an escalation of tension.

Major General Ivan Pach, commander of Slovakia’s ground forces, added that the present training at Lest is aimed at raising the level of operational preparedness in connection with the crisis in Ukraine. “We had to modify our plans, but not our approach to training,” he said, adding that the training in central Slovakia is especially concerned with reconnaissance, special units and air power. “The Russians are certainly taking notice, but that’s positive for us, because they can see that we know how to meet, stick together and train together, whatever resources we’re using,” he stated.

The main aim of the NATO multi-national unit training in Slovakia is attacking buildings to eliminate persons of interest or capture documents and communications equipment from the enemy. The NATO multi-national training in Slovakia involves 3,000 soldiers, including people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and the USA. A unit from Slovenia will arrive in the coming weeks.