Myjava and Gelnica Districts: Figures from Mass COVID Testing Flawed

Myjava and Gelnica Districts: Figures from Mass COVID Testing Flawed

Myjava/Gelnica, November 3 (TASR) – The official results of the countrywide testing for coronavirus this past weekend as announced by the Armed Forces differ significantly from data presented to the military by the local authorities in Myjava district (Trencin region) and Gelnica district (Kosice region), TASR was told by Myjava District Office superintendent Stanislav Tomic and Gelnica mayor Dusan Tomasko on Tuesday.

While the military stated that of the 17,753 people tested in Myjava district, 249 (1.4 percent) were tested positive, municipalities reported 19,193 people tested, with only 145 (0.75 percent) positive tests.

“We’re now trying to verify these figures with the central military command and the commander of the operation for Trencin. We haven’t had any feedback yet,” said the superintendent.

As for Gelnica, the official figures state that the number of positive tests was 0.71 percent of the total. All districts with positive-test rates above 0.7 percent will have to organise repeated mass testing. The Gelnica mayor was unhappy with the figure presented by the military, claiming that 18,331 people were tested in total, with 131 tested positive, including twelve non-residents. So, the overall proportion of positive tests was really 0.649 percent.

“We’d consider it unfair if a second round of mass testing had to be organised here, as the real proportion of positive tests was lower than the percentage set [by the national Government],” said Tomasko.

When approached by TASR, the Defence Ministry said that it doesn’t know how individual municipalities could have different figures from the military.

“The figures released by us were reported by individual regional commands and were presented for individual districts, not towns and villages,” said Defence Ministry spokesperson Martina Koval Kakascikova.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned discrepancies as presented by Tomic and Tomasko were reported for the entire districts of Myjava and Gelnica.