Nagy Is Leaving Most-Hid, Joining Emerging Fellowship Movement

Nagy Is Leaving Most-Hid, Joining Emerging Fellowship Movement

Bratislava, September 13 (TASR) – Former MEP and ex-environment minister Jozsef Nagy has announced his departure from Most-Hid, joining the emerging Osszefogas-Fellowship movement, TASR learnt from his social network post on Friday.

Nagy has recently confirmed to TASR that he would no longer run for Most-Hid and that he sympathised with the emerging movement.

Nagy is leaving because he disagrees with the fact that Most-Hid and the ethnic Hungarian SMK party did not agree on a coalition for next year’s parliamentary election. “Until the last moment, I was hoping that Most-Hid’s leadership would change its attitude and that on Saturday at the congress a responsible, positive reversal would occur. Since signs are showing the opposite, I’ve announced my departure from the party,” Nagy wrote on a social network.

At the same time, Nagy announced that he was joining the emerging Osszefogas-Fellowship movement. “I agree with its efforts and will do my best to ensure that the enthusiasm and desire for action combined with the experience and ability contributed to the Hungarians in Slovakia not losing their parliamentary representation,” said Nagy. SMK members are also behind the emerging movement, as confirmed by this extra-parliamentary party.

A few days ago, the Most-Hid party said it respects Jozsef Nagy’s decision not to run for it in the next parliamentary election. In connection with the emerging movement, Most-Hid said that despite the fact that the preparatory committee of Fellowship called the movement in Hungarian ‘unification’, the initiative itself creates room for further fragmentation of Hungarian voters.