NAKA Detains Ex-justice Minister Stefan Harabin

NAKA Detains Ex-justice Minister Stefan Harabin

Bratislava, May 16 (TASR) – The National Crime Agency (NAKA) has detained former head of the Supreme Court, justice minister and unsuccessful presidential candidate Stefan Harabin, the police have reported on Facebook.

The ex-judge has been charged with extremism and approving a criminal act. The police claimed that they’ll provide more information as soon as the situation concerning investigation allows it.

In connection with former justice minister Stefan Harabin’s detention, opposition Smer-SD leader Robert Fico said that this is evidence of “a total loss of discernment of the National Crime Agency [NAKA] under the direct control of [OLaNO leader Igor] Matovic and [Interior Minister Roman] Mikulec [OLaNO]”.

“Stefan Harabin has a tough language with which it isn’t always possible to agree. But to limit freedom of such important lawyers, with whom [Justice Minister Maria] Kolikova can’t absolutely equal, for oral speech, is a mockery,” said Fico, noting that if the police have free hands, they should also prosecute President Zuzana Caputova. According to the Smer-SD leader, she supports fascism. Fico pointed out that the head of state bestowed high state awards on persons who directly supported fascism and denounced anti-fascists to the Nazis.

MPs Andrej Stancik and Kristian Cekovsky (both OLaNO) see the detention of former Supreme Court chair Stefan Harabin as a good signal for decent people. “We see that actively fighting against evil makes sense. Stefan Harabin’s accusation is also a signal that no one in Slovakia is untouchable,” said Cekovsky. Stancik added that Harabin’s actions and statements fit into the scheme of the Russian hybrid war, the country is waging against Europe and also against Slovakia. The MPs pointed out that they had filed a criminal complaint against Harabin and others in connection with approving Russia’s attack on Ukraine, or for inciting hatred based on nationality or race.

‘For the People’ vice-chair Juraj Seliga also filed a criminal complaint against Harabin, also in connection with his statements about the war in Ukraine. Seliga is glad that NAKA is doing its job and investigating. “And there’s no doubt that there are things Harabin should be investigated for. Harabin has no restraints and is not inhibited by anything, but we must not give in to people like Harabin. I believe that the police and the prosecutor’s office will bring Harabin before a fair and independent court,” he said.