OLaNO: Pellegrini Still to Face No-confidence Motion, Nevertheless

OLaNO: Pellegrini Still to Face No-confidence Motion, Nevertheless

Bratislava, September 3 (TASR) – Representatives of the opposition OLaNO party stated on Tuesday that Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) will still face a no-confidence motion on Friday despite the fact Monika Jankovska stepped down on Tuesday as Justice Ministry state secretary. 

OLaNO MP Gabor Grendel stated that Jankovska should have resigned the day the information she had handed her mobile phone to the police surfaced, namely August 22. “As she didn’t resign back then, she should have been dismissed by Justice Minister Gabor Gal [Most-Hid]. Since he didn’t dismiss her, it was Prime Minister Pellegrini’s turn to do it. Jankovska in the end stepped down due to public and political pressure, however, it was too late and Pellegrini missed his opportunity,” he stated.

OLaNO head Igor Matovic said that he’s convinced representatives of SaS and We Are Family to insist on the no-confidence motion even after Jankovska’s departure. Both parties had provided their MPs’ signatures to initiate it. “Pellegrini as prime minister refused to establish accountability, to use his powers and dismiss the state secretary, even though he could have and should have dismissed her. Therefore, the extraordinary parliamentary session will take place,” announced Matovic. According to him, Jankovska’s resignation “hasn’t washed the sin off Pellegrini as he buried his head in the sand when he should have banged his fist on the table”.

At the same time, Matovic stated that his party will do its utmost to prevent Jankovska from being a judge. According to the OLaNO head, she’s been in extremely close contact with Marian K., who is suspected of ordering the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, and she’s influenced court rulings via her personal assistant and her sister, who’s a judge.

“There are so many reasons to dismiss this Government that Jankovska’s case is only a mere drop of water. She had to step down due to the pressure created by the media, Pellegrini didn’t manage to dismiss her,” stated We Are Family MP Peter Pcolinsky.

Pellegrini stated in a video published on Facebook on the same day that he hopes Matovic and SaS head Richard Sulik will follow Jankovska’s example and will leave politics due to the fact that they held meetings in the past with Marian K..