OLaNO: Police Findings of Criminal Group Under Smer-SD Gov'ts Not Surprising

OLaNO: Police Findings of Criminal Group Under Smer-SD Gov'ts Not Surprising

Bratislava, August 13 (TASR) – The latest findings that an organised criminal group was supposedly operating in 2015-20 at the Interior Ministry under the tenures of ex-ministers Robert Kalinak (2012-18) and Denisa Sakova (2018-20) are “disgusting and disconcerting, but far from surprising”, coalition’s OLaNO party told TASR on Friday.

The party’s press department spoke in response to the findings by National Criminal Agency (NAKA) investigators, who discovered that an organised group was formed under the former government at the Interior Ministry and the labour centre, siphoning off millions of euros from projects.

OLaNO maintains that increasingly worse corruption practices of former Smer-SD governments are being revealed with the passage of time. “Essentially, they devoted all their energy during their so-called governance to enriching themselves and corrupting others, where every single Smer member had to be part of this system of “our people”.

Everyone had to stick together, otherwise there was the risk of the whole system collapsing like a house of cards, which has already been happening since the (2020) election. In their panic and fear, they’re even capable of participating in the collapse of the state via goading others against the vaccination and all anti-pandemic measures,” stated MP Juraj Krupa (OLaNO).

Ex-interior minister and MP Denisa Sakova is shocked to learn that a criminal group allegedly was operating at the Interior Ministry under her tenure. She insisted that she had never met anyone who has faced charges.