Pellegrini: New Party Voice Has No Hidden Sponsors

Pellegrini: New Party Voice Has No Hidden Sponsors

Bratislava, June 29 (TASR) – The new Voice-Social Democracy party must be the voice of those who are dependent on social policies and of working people, as well as the voice of a fair opposition and the regions, while the party will also be built on anti-fascist principles, said Voice founder Peter Pellegrini at a press conference on Monday.

As for party funding, Pellegrini said that Voice wants to be transparent, denying that there are any wealthy sponsors backstage.

Pellegrini, a former prime minister (2018-20), at the same time announced that all MPs from Smer-SD who have joined him have now left their old party and that they’ll deal with their seats on parliamentary committees in July.

When asked about possible cooperation with other parties, Pellegrini said that Voice will be interested in talks with extra-parliamentary parties, but this won’t take place before Voice is registered.

“There are whispers about at least one party. We’ll certainly be able to sit down at the same table with Tomas Drucker [who served for some time as interior minister in Pellegrini’s government and later founded a party called Good Choice – ed. note] and look for options for cooperation,” said Pellegrini.