Pellegrini: Slovakia Aware That EU Is Place to Be

Pellegrini: Slovakia Aware That EU Is Place to Be

Bratislava, January 8 (TASR) – Slovakia is a responsible partner to the EU and aware that the only place for its future prosperity lies in the EU and NATO, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) stated after meeting President of the European Council Charles Michel in Bratislava on Wednesday.

Pellegrini assured Michel that Slovakia is not inclined to change its clear political orientation anytime soon in the future. “We will continue to remain a predictable and constructive partner because that’s the only way for a small state such as Slovakia to achieve accomplishments and contribute to important decisions – as part of a large international elite community,” declared the Prime Minister.

Pellegrini thinks that the EU must play a prominent and positive role in the current situation in Iraq and the Middle East in order to prevent more escalation of tension around the world. “We need to maintain ties with the Middle East and preserve security and stability,” he said.

This view was echoed also by Michel, who believes that the EU must show unity in this matter and continue the dialogue with all countries involved.

Also discussed was the target of carbon neutrality by 2050, with Michel pointing out that Slovakia plays a constructive role in this endeavour on the European level. “This will take really great costs to adapt the industry and technology to new conditions and a considerable economic transformation in many regions to boot,” added Pellegrini.