Pellegrini: We'll Expand Criminal Complaint against Prime Minister

Pellegrini: We'll Expand Criminal Complaint against Prime Minister

Bratislava, January 11 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party will expand its planned criminal complaint against Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) and other members of the Government, ex-premier and Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini told a press conference on Monday, adding that this concerns a threat to health and the abuse of power by a public official.

Pellegrini also said that the Government has contributed towards the spread of a contagious human disease, pointing to Prime Minister Matovic’s admission that some of the tests in countrywide testing for COVID-19 were not of good quality. Voice-SD will file the criminal complaint against the prime minister and other members of the Cabinet.

“Criminal liability must be applied. It’s a scandal when the prime minister says live that they’ve been experimenting with people,” said Pellegrini, adding that the arrogance and amateurism of the Government are emerging on a daily basis. He added that people who received a negative result when tested with a low-quality test during countrywide testing could have actually been positive and infected their loved ones.

Pellegrini thinks that other members of the Government could be responsible. In connection with the spread of a contagious disease, he mentioned, for example, Vice-premier Stefan Holy (We Are Family), although he didn’t want to name other ministers.

At the same time, Pellegrini asked about the date on which an exemption from mandatory testing and quarantine was granted for officials after Holy’s return from abroad. He called the exemption unnecessary, applying the same description to Holy. According to Pellegrini, if Holy had stayed in Great Britain for six months, no one would have missed him. He also fears that several exemptions could have been granted to the families of officials. According to him, the list mustn’t remain secret.

Party vice-chairman Richard Rasi called on Slovakia’s chief hygienist Jan Mikas to publish a list of public officials who received similar exemptions to Holy’s. He also called for the publication of the names of people who have been given priority for receiving vaccination.