Police: No Disturbances During 'Rainbow Pride' and 'Proud of Family' Marches

Police: No Disturbances During 'Rainbow Pride' and 'Proud of Family' Marches

Bratislava, July 23 (TASR) – Both Rainbow Pride and Proud of Family marches held in Bratislava on Saturday ran their course incident-free, with police not registering any disturbances to public order, TASR learnt from Bratislava regional police spokesperson Michal Szeiff on the same day.

The march for rights of sexual minorities as well as the Proud of Family event, convened to declare support for traditional values, were monitored by members of several police units.
The two events saw the participation from celebrities, public administration officials and politicians.

Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (SaS) came to support the Rainbow Pride in person, in order to signal her awareness of insufficient tolerance for the LGBTI community in Slovakia.

“Everyone who honours human rights is well aware that we have great deficiencies (regarding LGBTI rights). Theirs is a minority that must be fully recognized by the majority and granted all rights they have a rightful claim to,” underlined Kolikova.

On the other hand, Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) attended the Proud of Family march and voiced his support for its organisers. “I thank them for making us remember the value of family in our society with this event every year,” he claimed.