Police Record Almost Thousand Bomb Alerts at Schools

Police Record Almost Thousand Bomb Alerts at Schools
Illustration picture (stock photo by TASR)

        Bratislava, May 7 (TASR) - A total of 995 bomb alerts against schools have been recorded so far on Tuesday, the police have reported on a social network, adding that they've also recorded 110 bomb alerts against bank buildings and 40 threats of explosives being used against stores selling electronic goods.
        "The scope of the bomb alerts is extreme. The police are working at full speed, checking security at schools and working to identify the perpetrator," stated the officers.
        According to the police, the following number of schools per region have reported bomb alerts: Bratislava region - 84, Trencin region - 111, Nitra region - 207, Trnava region - 105, Presov region - 125, Kosice region - 107, Banska Bystrica region - 62, and Zilina region - 194.
        "This coordinated operation is being dealt with by the National Crime Agency [NAKA], which has launched an investigation concerning the particularly serious crime of a terrorist attack, for which the perpetrator faces a prison sentence of 20-25 years or even life imprisonment," said the police, adding that they are working intensively to clarify the act and track down the originator of the emails. They are also cooperating with other security services and foreign partners.