Danko to Give Up His Profession as Lawyer in Wake of Media Reports

Parliamentary Chairman and SNS leader Andrej Danko (TASR archive photo)

Bratislava, April 1 (TASR) – Parliamentary Chair and Slovak National Party (SNS) leader Andrej Danko announced at a press conference on Friday that he’s suspending his activities as a lawyer.

In addition, Danko promised not to engage in any business activities and that he’ll submit his property declaration soon.

Danko was responding to an article published by SME daily, which reported that he has direct links to the spa industry, adding that he pushed through a state support programme to benefit this sphere.

“After the attacks I decided to suspend my lawyer activities and, subsequently, after completing all the accounting, to say goodbye to the profession of lawyer,” said Danko, who voiced objections to the published reports about his support for the spa business, which he called unsubstantiated and a gross intrusion into his private life.

Danko stressed that he doesn’t own shares in any spa or other companies. “I have only a single company, which owns my real estate,” he said, also rejecting claims that he’s affiliated with financial group J&T. “Throughout my career as a lawyer I acquired various assets that I own. However, I won’t further expand my property with business activities during my role as parliamentary chair. I’ve given that up,” he added.