Fico Endorses ‘Best Candidate for URSO Chairman’ Jahnatek

Prime Minister Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 30 (TASR) – Former economy minister and current MP Lubomir Jahnatek is the best candidate to take over at the helm of energy regulator URSO, said Prime Minister Robert Fico on Radio Expres’s ‘Brano Zavodsky Nazivo’ talk show on Friday.

Fico added that he hopes that Jahnatek will be appointed by the Government next week, calling him a candidate “without a peer” in the selection procedure.

“He [Jahnatek] outperformed all the others by four horse lengths. He’s a person who knows his stuff, and so I’ll be happy to endorse him. I hope that Lubo Jahnatek will be appointed head of the regulatory office next week,” said the premier.

Jahnatek emerged victorious on Wednesday from among four candidates who threw their hats into the ring to fill the vacancy left by former URSO head Jozef Holjencik in early February.