Fico Invites All People to Come to Polls in Regional Elections

MP Robert Fico (photo by TASR)

Presov, October 27 (TASR) – People know little about the large number of powers that comes under the jurisdiction of self-governing regions, and turnouts in these elections thus fail to match their importance, said Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) following his talks with Presov regional authority on Friday.

“We’re eight days from the regional elections. These elections haven’t caught the public interest in Slovakia very much so far. So, I’m using this opportunity to invite, as the prime minister, all people to come to the polls in the regional elections due to take place on Saturday, November 4, as this is something that influences people in Slovakia in an extraordinary manner,” said Fico.
The prime minister pointed to the fact that this time people will elect regional governors and councillors for five years in order to harmonise the next regional elections with local elections. Meanwhile, single-round elections will take place for the first time, thereby saving money, stressed Fico.

Among the numerous powers of self-governing regions Fico highlighted the education and transport sectors. He was critical of schools that produce leavers that aren’t useable in practice.

In this regard, the prime minister praised the work done by Presov regional governor Peter Chudik (Smer-SD), stating that he’s been working hard on dual education. The regional authority along with the Government supported two schools in Kezmarok by investing €200,000 in modern technologies in each of them. They’ll invest the same sum in a combined school in the village of Caklov (Vranov district), where they’ll buy technologies for wood processing and engineering.

Fico stressed that Smer-SD doesn’t prevent regional governors and mayors from serving concurrently as MPs, “as these are competent people, bringing ties between regional and national politics”.

He said that he had an extraordinarily interesting meeting with students at a grammar school in Presov who are dedicated to fighting corruption. The meeting confirmed that this issue is especially interesting for them.