Fico: Mazurek Said What Almost Whole Nation Thinks

Smer-SD Chair Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 5 (TASR) – Ex-MP Milan Mazurek (far-right People’s Party Our Slovakia/LSNS) said what almost the whole nation thinks, governing Smer-SD party leader Robert Fico said in a video he’s posted on a social network in connection with Mazurek’s final conviction for defaming a race, nation and belief.

Fico claims that law-enforcement authorities often take action under the pressure from media, rather than based on actual evidence. He added that Smer-SD is a party with a clear anti-fascist orientation.

“I do respect the Supreme Court’s verdict against MP Mazurek, however, I rank it in the category of media verdicts, as a result of which support for Mr. Kotleba [LSNS leader] and his party will grow,” he said, adding that “if you execute somebody for truth, you’ll make a national hero out of him”.

Mazurek has lost his seat in Parliament after his conviction for defaming a race, nation and belief was upheld on Tuesday (September 3). A three-member senate of the Supreme Court confirmed Mazurek’s conviction and handed him a fine amounting to €10,000. The Supreme Court thus increased the original fine imposed by the Specialised Criminal Court. The verdict is final and valid.

The Specialised Criminal Court last year found Mazurek guilty of disparaging remarks against the Roma broadcast by Radio Frontinus in October 2016.