Fico: Opposition Out to Take Power by Taking Advantage of Murder

Prime Minister Robert Fico (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 28 (TASR) – The deaths of two people have become a mere political tool for the Opposition to galvanise people to take to the streets and acquire power, as it’s unable to win power in a free democratic parliamentary election, Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) told journalists on Wednesday.

Fico was referring to the recent murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee at a press conference at which journalists weren’t allowed to ask any questions.

“Since 2006, they haven’t won a single election. Now the Opposition have already found the murderers. They don’t need any evidence. They are investigators, prosecutors and judges at the same time. Their sole goal is to criminalise Smer-SD and the coalition. I’m quite saddened to see a person who had journalists illegally wiretapped now posing as their protector, while a convicted tax fraudster now preaches about economic criminal activities, a real mobster now speaks about connections to the mob and a drug user calls for responsibility and lawfulness,” said Fico without naming names, adding that the outcome of such politics would be nothing but the destabilisation of society and the breakdown of statehood.

Fico assured the public that, unlike the Opposition, he and his Cabinet are genuinely interested in seeing the murder case solved. “I assure audiences both at home and abroad that the law enforcement bodies are doing their utmost. Having the perpetrators convicted is important not only for the victims’ families but also for the country. Therefore, I ask: who benefits from the activities of the Government and who benefits from the steps taken by the Opposition?”