Kiska: People’s Trust in State Has Fallen to Record Low

President Andrej Kiska during the State of the Republic speech in Parliament. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 16 (TASR) – The current Government shouldn’t believe that there isn’t any real political alternative to it, while the democratic Opposition shouldn’t rely on automatically replacing the current governing parties if they aren’t successful, either, stated President Andrej Kiska in his State of the Republic address in Parliament on Thursday.

According to Kiska, the situation in Slovakia isn’t encouraging. “Four out of five adults think that our state is being controlled by a handful of oligarchs. People’s trust in the state has fallen to a record low. I want to warn very seriously that if this trend continues, it could be problematic or even impossible to set up a government of democratic political parties following the next general election,” said Kiska.

Commenting on what he described as the rise of extremism and neo-Nazism in the country, the president said that the situation should be viewed more as an opportunity than a cause for undue concern. However, this opportunity must be grasped. “This in my opinion means that the state should intervene self-confidently against anyone who attempts to replace its role in ensuring order,” said Kiska.

As for the dispute within the governing Coalition concerning an increase in licence fees for public service Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS), Kiska said that Slovakia needs strong, independent and courageous public service media. “So, I beg you and appeal to you not to make them the subject of political interests and disputes. I’m asking you to respect and boost the independence of public service media, while I’m calling on the public service media and their staff not to succumb to pressure, to be watchful and to fulfil their role in society,” stated the president.

Meanwhile, one of the best pieces of news recently is a drop in unemployment (currently slightly below 10 percent). “Nonetheless, our country still isn’t attractive enough for talented people. Slovakia should be a country that doesn’t only produce talented, skilled and self-confident people, but also a country that is able to attract such people from abroad,” added the president.