Klus: Ban on Recreational Trips Abroad Might Be Lifted as of May 15

MFA State Secretary Martin Klus (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 28 (TASR) – If the pandemic situation allows, the ban on travelling abroad for recreational purposes might be lifted as of May 15, Foreign Affairs Ministry State Secretary Martin Klus (SaS) posted on a social network on Wednesday.

“The ban is still in place until May 28 for now, but not only the state of emergency but also the ban on travelling might be scrapped two weeks earlier in case of favourable developments in the pandemic situation,” said Klus. He added that members of the expert consilium at their special meeting on Tuesday (April 27) agreed to revise the relaxation of coronavirus-related measures on May 6.

Klus proposes reintroducing the so-called travel traffic lights. “The consilium agreed that we might resume the arrangements differentiating between red (high-risk countries), yellow (lower-risk countries) and green (relatively safe countries),” stated Klus, adding that the traffic lights would partly be adjusted based on the number of inoculated people.