Kollar Denies Immoral Behaviour, Points to Campaign to Discredit Him


Bratislava, March 8 (TASR) – Accusations of immoral behaviour regarding a 15-year-old drug addict resident of the Clean Day resocialisation centre in Galanta (Trnava region) are nothing but a campaign to discredit me, Opposition We Are Family party leader Boris Kollar told a news conference held in Parliament on Wednesday.

Kollar, who conceded that he was in contact with the girl in question but claimed that he didn’t know how old she was or that she was from a resocialisation centre, accused Smer-SD lawmaker and the prime minister’s advisor Erik Tomas, Prime Minister Robert Fico and controversial entrepreneur Marian Kocner of creating such a campaign. According to Kollar, Smer-SD is worried about criticism and so is striving to cover its own scandals in this way.

As evidence Kollar showed a photograph that was taken in Bratislava’s Crowne Plaza hotel at 9.15 a.m. on Wednesday, i.e. before a press conference given later in the day by Clean Day co-founder Zuzana Tomankova Mikova, who claimed that an unidentified Opposition MP had engaged in lascivious and lecherous communications with a Clean Day resident. “She consulted this campaign to discredit me with Marian Kocner and [former Slovak Intelligence Service counterintelligence director and journalist] Peter Toth. This is exactly a game played by Robert Fico, Erik Tomas, Marian Kocner and Peter Toth via Ms. Tomankova,” stated Kollar, who added that he doesn’t believe in coincidences.

The Opposition MP denies the accusations and sees nothing wrong with the fact he likes women and flirts with them. “I love women. I conduct correspondence with thousands of people, mostly women, I admit that. If they ask me about politics, we discuss politics, when they flirt, I flirt with them. I’m not hiding it. And this young lady flirted with me, so I flirted with her, but I see no crime in it,” said Kollar.

Kollar claimed that he didn’t contact the girl first and that it was always her who contacted him except in one case when he learnt that she was missing on a social network. He asked her whether she was okay, and she replied that she was. Kollar claims that he’s never met the girl, that he didn’t know how old she was or that she was a resident of a resocialisation centre.

The We Are Family leader added that if Tomankova Mikova was referring to him and his communications with the girl in her accusations, then she lied about those communications. He provided what he called a transcript to the media. “I’ve nothing to hide,” he stressed, adding that he was warned that a campaign to discredit him was being prepared three weeks ago.

Kollar also said that the girl put pressure on him to act in favour of Clean Day, which faced accusations of the sexual abuse of its residents and the violation of children’s rights. “She wanted me to act in favour of Clean Day, even though there were suspicions of sexual abuse. I refused to do so, which angered her,” said Kollar.

According to Tomankova Mikova, the case is under police investigation. Kollar hasn’t been questioned yet. “I was contacted by the police an hour ago. They want me to testify as a witness,” said Kollar, who added that he’ll provide the police with anything that they want from him.

The Opposition pointed to the allegations against Clean Day. Although the Accreditation Commission recommended that Labour, Social Affairs and the Family Minister Jan Richter (Smer-SD) should strip the facility of its licence, he didn’t do so, stating that he saw “no facts or conditions that would legally justify the withdrawal of the licence”.