Kollar: We’ll Cooperate both with Coalition and Opposition in Autumn Elections

Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 1 (TASR) – The coalition ‘We Are Family’ party will form partnerships both with coalition and opposition parties in the regional and local elections due to be held in the autumn, TASR was told by Parliamentary Chair and party leader Boris Kollar on Sunday.

‘We Are Family’ wants to nominate own candidates for the post of mayor in some towns, however, Kollar failed to specify the names.

According to him, the party doesn’t plan to propose a counter-candidate in Bratislava to incumbent mayor Matus Vallo. “It looks like we’ll be joining Voice-SD in quite a few cities,” he noted, adding that ‘We Are Family’ will support OLaNO candidates in Zilina and Trnava regions in the election of heads of self-governing regions.

“It’s possible and highly probable that maybe in Kosice we’ll support a candidate from the opposition,” he told TASR. As far as Presov is concerned, the party doesn’t yet have a final decision there.