Kresak: I’ve Never Knowingly Cooperated with StB

MP Peter Kresak (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 8 (TASR) – I never knowingly cooperated with the secret service of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic or the secret police (StB) during Communism, said MP and candidate for constitutional judge Peter Kresak (Most-Hid) at a press conference in Parliament on Friday in response to a statement by Ordinary People (OLaNO) leader Igor Matovic that he consciously collaborated with the StB under the code name ‘ESTR’.

“I’ve never cooperated with the secret service. There’s no document proving that I cooperated intentionally or provided information to the secret police,” said Kresak, adding that claims that he knowingly cooperated aren’t true. “The file was based on untruths, the data wasn’t true and the file was set up without my knowledge,” said Kresak, adding that he didn’t sign anything. He reiterated that he was shown in records as a person kept under surveillance.
Kresak said that before a trip to the USA he received visas for both the USA and Canada as there was a stopover. According to him, he left for the USA in January 1988 and returned in mid-August. “I found a number of meetings in the records of the secret service that allegedly took place with me at the time when I was in the United States,” stressed Kresak, pointing out that the meetings were supposed to have taken place in January, March and July.
The MP and candidate said that at the end of 1987, just before his departure to the USA, he was contacted by people who introduced themselves as employees of the Federal Foreign Affairs Ministry. “I had no reason to believe that they weren’t from there. They said that they had information about my planned study stay, and in this context they wanted to alert me to the possible risks related to my stay; for example, if I noticed somebody following me and the like. And they advised that if I noted anything like that, I should contact the embassy in Washington,” said Kresak, adding that he never did so, however.