Marcek: Boris Kollar Nothing But Neurotic Party Mascot

We Are Family leader Boris Kollar (TASR archive)

Bratislava, June 8 (TASR) – The foul mouth of We Are Family leader Boris Kollar and the influence that MP Milan Krajniak wields over him are some of the reservations that the trio of former party MPs Peter Marcek, Rastislav Holubek and Martina Simkovicova harbour against the party leadership.

Earlier in the day, We Are Family leader Boris Kollar expelled the three MPs from its ranks.

According to Marcek, the decision of Kollar to expel them only confirms that the leader of We Are Family is a neurotic who can’t control his temper. “There were no programme disagreements between the three of us and Kollar, but rather we had reservations about his vulgar statements and the fact that he has essentially been reduced to a party mascot, with the real ideological mastermind behind the scenes being Milan Krajniak,” Marcek said at a press conference. He added that even Kollar’s negative opinions can be expressed in polite language and called Krajniak a religious fundamentalist and skilled manipulator.

Marcek also perceives the fact that We Are Family hasn’t been invited to join the Opposition Council, formed by SaS and OLaNO-NOVA, as a party failure. “This was a warning signal that if our political communication won’t change, they won’t treat us as partners.”

Another shortcoming of We Are Family in Marcek’s view is the fact that the party has failed to start creating regional structures, a necessary task if it is to last longer than a single electoral term. “Polls conducted by Polis agency showed that up to 57 percent of citizens consider We Are Family to be a party more unsystemic than (far-right) LSNS. That’s a warning signal, yet we’ve never discussed this in our party,” he claimed.

The trio rejected accusations that they didn’t take any interest in the inner workings of the caucus and failed to participate at its sessions. Also, they have no plans to join coalition Network. “We’ll continue as Independents,” said Simkovicova. She has a right to do so, seeing as the Frantisek Gaulieder amendment stipulated 20 years ago that the mandate belongs to the MP not the party.

The former TV anchor also corroborated Krajniak’s report that she voted on behalf of fellow colleague Holubek – which goes against the rules of House procedure. However, she decided not to heed the call to relinquish her MP mandate over such misstep. “This was about the vote on trailers and the entire party agreed to vote in the support of the motion beforehand. The colleague served as a sponsor and was delivering a speech at the dais. Since he forgot his card, he gave me a gesture with his hand to vote. And here, I fully admit my rookie mistake … in a spontaneous response I pushed the button [on his behalf],” said Simkovicova, adding that she will bear full responsibility for her mistake.