Matovic: Pupils Should Wear Face Masks in Class for First Two Weeks

illustration picture {photo by TASR}

Bratislava, August 13 (TASR) – Prime Minister Igor Matovic, writing on a social network (OLaNO) on Thursday, stated that he proposed at an ongoing expert consilium that pupils should be obliged to wear face masks in class for the first two weeks at school after the summer holiday.

“I know it won’t be very pleasant, but it’s an extremely important measure. The theory that children don’t transmit COVID-19 is far from being confirmed,” stated the prime minister.

The temporary wearing of face masks in classrooms should serve as a preventive measure in cases in which parents have been irresponsible, concealing the fact that they’ve visited a high-risk country, thereby putting other pupils at a school in danger. “Unfortunately, the president [Zuzana Caputova] vetoed a law that would have enabled us to identify the irresponsible ones,” stated Matovic, referring to vetoed legislation on electronic communications that would have enabled the Public Health Office to obtain the phone numbers of people who have visited ‘red’ countries from operators.