Poll: Kiska, Pellegrini and Danko Viewed as Most Trustworthy Politicians

Slovak President Andrej Kiska (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 10 (TASR) – A poll conducted by Focus agency in April has shown that people in Slovakia have the most trust in President Andrej Kiska (46.2 percent), Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (34.7 percent) and Parliamentary Chairman and Slovak National Party (SNS) leader Andrej Danko (31.2 percent).

The agency assessed the degree of trust and mistrust in selected politicians – the most senior constitutional officials and the chairs of political parties that have long exceeded the threshold required for seats in parliament.
Chairmen of Opposition parties Freedom and Solidarity/SaS Richard Sulik (26.6 percent) and Most-Hid Bela Bugar (25.9 percent) also finished ahead of Smer-SD leader and former prime minister Robert Fico on 23.1 percent.
They were followed by Opposition OLaNO leader Igor Matovic (23 percent) and chairman of the extra-parliamentary Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) Alojz Hlina (17.2 percent). Leader of the far-right LSNS Marian Kotleba enjoys the confidence of only 13.9 percent of Slovaks, and he’s also viewed as the most untrustworthy politician, with 83.5 percent of the respondents expressing mistrust in him.
Trust in politicians has fallen since the previous survey, with none of the aforementioned figures being trusted by more people than in January. Meanwhile, none of the politicians enjoys the trust of more than 50 percent of the respondents. Andrej Kiska, Bela Bugar, Boris Kollar and Robert Fico suffered the deepest falls, with people’s trust in each of them going down by 7 percent when compared to the January poll.
The Focus survey was carried out between April 24-30 on a sample of 1,005 respondents. Those polled were asked the following question: “To what degree do you trust or mistrust the following politicians?”